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BBC South East Today

SGMA’s founder & CEO Fanya Ismail was featured on BBC Southeast Today.

A short story on BBC’s Southeast today highlights the plight our planet faces as plastic increases its global presence, even in the disposable ‘paper’ cups that we drink our coffee from. The plastics that make our cups waterproof prevents them from being recycled and adds to the plastic problem.

Fanya speaks about SGMA’s coating eliminating the need for plastic by creating a sustainable and environmentally sound solution while still giving our paper cups the waterproofing they need. It’s not just paper cups that can benefit from this treatment. Other paper-based products that are similarly plastic coated can also be coated in a way that has all of the benefits of plastics but without the environmental downsides, such as paint trays plastic plant pots, even cosmetics.

The news piece also highlights the piloting work being done in Malaysia, with a view to getting the product to market shortly.

You can view the full piece on our LinkedIn page.